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Posted 12 years ago by Falko Buttler

“Bei sinnvollem Einsatz der App “CaloryGuard Pro” gehört das stetige Wachstum der Speckfalten der Vergangenheit an. Mit jeder Menge Einträge finden Sie fast jede Hauptspeise und jeden Snack, sodass die Berechnung ein vergleichsweise hohes Maß an Genauigkeit erreicht.”
Chip, Magazine, 05/2013 (German)

“CaloryGuard is a personal tool to self-motivate and take complete control over our daily live.”
Appstonic, App Review Site, 03/2013 (Spanish)

“… there is really not a more efficient method to get rid of superfluous and disagreeable pounds.”
Tagesanzeiger, Newspaper, 05/2012 (German)

“With this comprehensive calorie tracking app nobody can say he/she didn’t have the tools to get to your dream body.”, App Review Site, 05/2012 (German)

Extensively tested CaloryGuard on TV: “Whether with paper or with app – the main thing is to track what you eat…”
ZDF WISO, TV Show, 02/2012 (German)

“[CaloryGuard] helped [him] to lose 110 pounds in 6 months.”
FOCUS, Magazine, 2011/52 (German)

“My waistband shrank two numbers since my last purchase of pants.”
Tagesanzeiger, Newspaper, 09/2011 (Swiss)

“Minus 40 pounds: I won this round!”
Das beste für die Frau, Magazine, 09/2011 (German)

CaloryGuard awarded in “10 mobile apps that make your food app-etizing”
BILD Online, Newspaper, 12/2011 (German)

“The most likely most professional app for daily tracking your calories.”
Kiel ERLEBEN, Magazine, 05/2011 (German)

CaloryGuard shown on TV in “Get off the couch, get rid of your pounds!”
SWR Nachtcafé, TV Show, 01/2012 (German)

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